Want Bright Glowy Skin in the Winter?

Hey y’all!

I recently have started a new job and so I’ve actually started to care more about my morning regimine and so to help force me along, I bought some stuff from Avon to kind of give me the push I needed. The reason why it forces me along to do it is because well I’m trying to level up and actually take care of myself more. Honestly, me rushing around in the morning made me feel rushed and not put together and I just wasn’t in the right head space for my day.

Also, I felt super lazy and its crazy because years ago I was so organized and I had a routine for night and day and my skin was healthier I feel. Before I actually started the job, as mentioned before, I went to Avon’s website and ordered the Anew Vitamin C Brightening Serum and their new Hydra Fusion Gel Cream. It came like two days later and I started to use it with my Micellar water that I got from Whole Foods way back when. I’m glad to report that I’ve been pretty persistent with it. Since then, I’ve actually added their new Green Goddess Face Oil which has 100 mg of cbd. Below, I’ll give a breakdown of the products along with the steps to my morning skin care routine. Anyone can do it. It takes like less  than 10 minutes (tbh maybe not more than five minutes) to do so it’s quick and efficient. And honestly, these are products you need to implement in your beauty routine. Your skin will love you.

Want to know how I keep my skin feeling bright and fresh and hydrated? Keep following along.

Step 1. Cleanse the skin with micellar water.

I believe I talked about this product in an earlier post, but I love using this cleansing water in the morning because it is quick and easy. It’s a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer all in one (how quick and efficient is that?). The one I have comes from Whole Foods so I trust that it is a clean product and since it’s from the 365 brand (Whole Foods’ more affordable line of products) it won’t break the bank. I just simply wipe with a cotton pad and I’m done!

Step 2. Apply Serum

This not a heavy serum which is really nice. A little bit goes a long way with this stuff. It’s very potent

Now honestly, I’ve been obsessed with this serum ever since I was a little girl. My grandma actually sold Avon, after my mom died. So when I saw this as a little girl, I was intrigued. I wondered if it would smell like oranges. And then I wanted to know how it felt (I never used a serum before but then again I was a little girl, why would I?) so I put it on my face not knowing what was going to happen. It smelled so strong and made my face tight. Needless to say, I left it alone. Fast forward to now; I bought the serum because I remember how potent it was plus it has Vitamin C which can help to brighten your skin. This serum has as much vitamin C as 30 oranges. This is a super concentrated serum, which means your face will be visibly brighter.

Step 3. Apply Moisturizer

As you can see, this gel texture of this cream looks heavenly and it’s not heavy!

This gel feels so good. Its so cool (literally). It’s refreshing and it feels so good after applying the serum. It maximizes your hydration so that your skin looks plumper, bouncier, and healthier. Worried about extra hydration when you have oily skin? It’ll be fine. I have oily-combination skin and my face never looks greasy. Besides, in the winter your skin tends to be a bit more dryer than usual so this will really help you out when you’re out and about in the winter. Plus, it has SPF 50 so it’ll protect your face from harmful UV rays.

Step 4. Apply Face Oil

This product is so light but remember, try to keep it to three-four drops, especially if you have oily skin like me.

What is cbd? Its a compound extracted from the cannabis sativa plant (hemp) and it contains stuff like vitamins A, D, E and essential fatty acids. This oil helps to relieve irritation, and visibly reduce redness and skin discomfort. Basically this oil is great for everyone. This will calm and soothe stressed out skin and leave it so healthy and radiant. Oily skin? This can help with that as it balances out the oil in your skin. It’s vegan, made from only eight ingredients and comes in a package made from recycled material. Literally, you need this oil in your life.


That’s it! I really hope that this have helped and that you try out these products for yourself. I promise your skin will feel so refreshed and so healthy. If you purchase them, let me know what you think. I have a great feeling you won’t regret it.







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