New Jewelry Haul

Hey y’all!


Yes I’m here again with a review. I got some jewelry last month (I know so late) that I love. I got it for myself as a gift to myself and also as a way to start wearing more jewelry. I feel like it enhances my looks. Anyway, I got some stuff from Shop the WM. If you never heard of the company, it was started by the stars (and real life bffs) of the cmt’s reality show Racing WivesWhitney Dillion and Mariel Swan.

Now, I actually stumbled upon Mariel Swan’s twitter a couple of years ago. She took a picture with her husband then-finance Nascar driver Paul Swan. I thought that they were such a cute couple and was like goals to me so I started following her. It happened when their show first came on that I just so happen to see a tweet from her telling people to watch their show. Of course I went to see what channel and when and I was sold! It was so great and I got to see her friendship with her bestie Whitney Dillion. It was so cute and reminded me a bit of me and Nkem’s (For tha Masses) friendship. When I found out that they had a blog and store, I knew for sure they found a new follower in me.

Anyway, they have this jewelry company and a lot of the products are reasonably priced. I think in total $80 on two items. When the package arrived the box that the necklace came in showed the logo of the brand. I wish I hadn’t thrown it away but sadly I did. I did, however, keep the velvet bag the earrings came in and I keep them in there when I don’t wear the earrings(at night when I go to bed).

These are their everyday hoops. Now I’ll be real, they are huge on me. Maybe it’s because I’m so small but they are big and kinda heavy on me BUT I do like how they look and I do get compliments on them so there’s that. These cost me $40 and come in both silver and gold
I wear this necklace everyday. It has different holes so that you can adjust how tight you want it around your neck. It’s super dainty and I think its cute (obviously because I bought it). They have this in silver and goal for $35!
Here I am wearing both of them with my “Strong Minded Woman” shirt that I got from Cara Alwill Leyba’s apparel line. I’m not entirely sure if its still available. If so, I would’ve linked it.

Check them out if this is the type of jewelry you like to wear. They have choices from pieces you can wear everyday to some glam pieces for special occasions. I promise you, you will not be disappointed.




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