Stop and Smell the Roses

Hey y’all,

Today, I went on a little walk in nature with my roomie and it was awesome. As you may or may not know, the past two months were rough and very emotionally and mentally draining for me. I went out twice this month and it felt like it was just what my soul needed. Once we went to a park where there were swans and it was a cold crisp evening stroll. This time (today) we went to Mead Botanical Gardens in Winter Park and it was such a treat. It was great being outside in nature and basking in all Jehovah’s glory looking at what he created. A rainbow even made an appearance today and I get really excited about those!

Anyway, today was really great at showing me the beauty in the world. Enjoy the pics below! It was really great!

My roomie slipped in the mud
The broken path we decided to take. We’re such rebels
Apparently other people like to go on the broken path too
Yep it was a challenge but we made it!
My mans enjoying his little spot
Armadillo carcass
up close and personal with a squirrel. If only my Griffy was there. He would’ve chased after it lol

Some more turtles enjoying the sun

An owl perched on a tree. It was much larger in person!

If you’re into nature (and in the Orlando area) and want a nice free spot to take pics or have a small get together (like a picnic) check out the Botanical Gardens. It was such a treat!




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