Baked Goat Cheese Balls

Hey y’all!

I’m back with a food post today. I love…well I love learning to cook and watching cooking shows (Ree Drummond, Rachael Ray, and Ina Garten are my absolute faves) and I was watching Pioneer Woman this morning when the idea came to me to post me making my goat cheese balls. I made an error of judgment and didn’t post what I did for Thanksgiving for me and my roommate. So I was not going to let this moment slip away from me. One thing about me is that I don’t measure things at all. So please excuse the non precise measurements (I’ll do my best to guesstimate).

I love cheese. I’ll just leave it at that lol. Honestly though my favorite cheese used to be Brie until I had goat cheese. Y’all goat cheese is so delicious, especially when its warm. You can try this recipe and saute the goat cheese instead of baking it. I’ve fried goat cheese before and it was quite delicious. You can serve them by themselves with some honey drizzled on them (like I did) or you can serve them on a simple salad or with some marinara sauce. The choice is yours. I’m sure they will be delicious no matter what way you make them and serve them. Hell you don’t even have to cook them. Eat goat cheese raw (I may or may not have eaten a tub of crumbled goat cheese by itself once or twice).

Here are the ingredients I used. Panko bread crumbs, Egg Whites, dried Oregano, dried Rosemary, dried Parsley, Goat Cheese of course and the dental floss is for slicing through the goat cheese (I learned that trick from Ina Garten)
You have to use the non minted flavor to slice through it. I would also help if you chill it before you slice it. According to Ina Garten, you’ll get clean slices of goat cheese if you do it this way
Pour in two separate containers about a quarter of a cup of egg whites and in the other container pour about half a cup of bread crumbs and mix in the dried herbs. Roll each goat cheese slice into balls (or leave them sliced) and dip it in the egg white then into the bread crumb mixture
Place each ball (or slice) on a foiled baking sheet
Put them in the freezer for at least 30 minutes
Bake them in the oven at 450 for like 8 minutes. If you fry them I would say 2 to 3 minutes per side in a light amount of oil
I placed mine in a food storage container to save for later but while they were warm, I decided to drizzle some honey on it. Such a great combo
Lightly drizzle honey on them and serve them how you like!

Let me know if you try them! I would like to know what you thought. What other recipes would like for me to try?


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