How To Get Fresh Dewy Skin After Working Out

Hey y’all!

So as you may or may not have noticed, I’m a TIU (Tone It Up) girl. What is Tone It Up? Well to give you a very brief overview, its a fitness community and the creators Karena and Katrina have workout videos, app, gear, basically all the things having to do with fitness and they pride themselves on being the first body positive fitness community. You can check out their website for all your TIU needs.

Anyway, I found a few girls on instagram to follow. I just simply looked through the hashtags #tiucommunity and #tiuteam. Two of them stood out to me the most: Ashley Jeane and Sarah at @Sarahtonesitup. They’re bff’s and the run a blog called Happily Whole (you can find it here). A lot that I’ve seen on their fitness accounts is mostly neutron, workouts, and skincare. NowI’m not sure if you’ve noticed but I am a skincare junkie. In fact, I’ve been using some ROC products for the past month or so (watch out for a blog post on that soon).

Anyway, they both seem to talk about Fre a lot. So I was a bit intrigued by it. First of all, its a skincare line that specially made for women (or men) to be used post working out. I’ve never heard of anything like that before (E.L.F. even has a makeup line that can be used during workouts). Fre promotes a healthy glow, leaving you free to fully enjoy your active life, without worrying about your skin. They help to protect against post workout breakouts, dehydration and long-term damage. These products can be used daily, before and after your workout.

I was interested in buying a set but then I went to the site and saw that one set is over $100. Now I’m a babe on a budget and spending over $100 on face products is something that is out of my super tight budget. Now, at the time that I’m writing this, its before thanksgiving. On Black Friday, Fre is having a huge and I do mean huge sale. The entire site (so every product) will be half off. That is something that I can work with!

Sarah made a post last week about sending out some samples for people to try Fre and of course I hopped on board. I slid into her DMs and on Monday, the samples were in my mailbox.

Last night, I did my normal skin care regime but instead of using the night cream that I usually use, I used Fre’s Recover Me nighttime solution. It smells great and my skin felt so soft. Its a 3-N-1 product. It clears breakouts, protect against UV damage, and it hydrates. The magic is in the Argan oil patent pending formula. It’s stronger than most chemicals out there that some beauty brands use. It creates like a barrier to protect you from the sun. It contains a booster dose of FRE’s breakthrough Argania Active Complex.

My skin felt great after my cardio workout this morning

This morning after my cardio workout, I dug into these babies.

Protect Me

This is actually the final step in the regime. Its ultra moisturizing but it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin (which helps because it won’t leave you looking greasy). It has SPF30 which is great sun protection! My skin feels really soft after using this and again it has a great scent to it. As an added bonus, it’s water resistant! How cool is that?

Purify Me

This is the first step: the cleanser. It exfoliates which feels really good (to me) and really get out the dirt and oil in your skin. It restores your skin’s ph balance (which I never really thought about) and it hydrates. It will de-stress your skin after working out (and again, the scent is everything). This will leave you with a fresh, hydrated, and clear complexion. Even though this is an exfoliating wash, it’s very suitable for daily use!

Revive Me

I’m obsessed with serums. Like I work so hard to find one that I like. When I saw that a serum was included in this sample, I was excited. I liked it. I highly recommend this serum. I think it was like exfoliating (or I still had some residue from the cleanser and mask). It smells like citrus or something like that. It’s a creamy formula too. It promotes a healthy glow while keeping your skin hydrated (which is quite opposite of usual serums that dry the skin). It combats pre-mature aging and damage caused by working out (something that I never knew happened).



As you can see, you can use her discount code anytime (so if you’re reading this post Black Friday, not to worry). Her discount code is: SARAAH

I also used most of these babies this morning as well.

Detox Me

The Detox Me mask was my favorite. I love a good mask. I usually have the habit of using a mask after right cleaning my skin but this one doesn’t require that step. And it asks that you rinse it off with cool water, something that I don’t usually do (I love using hot water). This is a natural clearing mask thats formulated to prevent post-sweat breakouts and acne while removing oil and unclogging your pores. Its suitable for all skin types which is awesome. It smells so good too! When I washed it off, my skin felt clean and soft!

Glow Me

I was a bit worried about this one. This is a tinted moisturizer. Now I’m a dark skinned girl so I was a bit skeptical that this would work on my dark skin. To be quite honest, I tried a small dot of it on the back of my hand and it actually blended in. Maybe tomorrow I’ll actually use it. It has SPF15 which means it gives you sun protection. It is designed to give your skin a natural glow and make your face more even toned. It won’t clog your pores, sweat resistant and also enriched with Argania Active Complex.

Felt super excited
This was a great way to leave a personal touch

Here’s an added bonus: with product thats bought, Fre will plant a tree. So you’re helping your skin and the environment. Talk about a win win situation! It’s cruelty free, vegan, and clean. If you try them out, let me know in the comments! I sure would love to hear what you think.




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