Happiness Began For Me!

Hey y’all!

A couple of Saturday ago(the 16th to be exact), I went to go see the Jonas Brothers in concert. I know some might be like who cares? I do! I love them. I really really love them. I was a fan like…years ago when S.O.S. came out and Burning Up. I really fell in love with them with their album A Little Bit Longer came out. I was a huge Joe Jonas fan. OMG! I thought he was so cute and his brother Kevin as well but Joe was just it for me (Nick was super young I believe).

Anyway, they have broken up some years back (booo!) and have been doing their own solo thing. Nick had a successful solo career. Joe had a small setback but when he founded the  band DNCE, I feel like he found his groove again. And Kevin was busy raising a family. It wasn’t until last year when I heard that the group was getting back together and coming out with an album is when I really got excited. I was already a fan from before and was really into DNCE but when I heard that the brothers were working on new music? I felt…I don’t know. Happy. I was happy that they were able to work things out between them.

They had a pretty stellar year. They dropped their hit singles Sucker and Cool. Dropped an album, Happiness Begins, and had a documentary on Amazon Pride Video called Chasing Happiness. Next year, they’re releasing a memoir called Blood. Things are really looking up for these boys! Of course me being who I am played their new album on repeat (my fave songs are I Believe, Love Her, Only Human, and Cool) and watched their documentary when it premiered.

When I first heard that they were going on tour, I was super hype. I saw that they were going to Orlando and I figured I’d go since it would be during the time that I was here. Well…on the night of the concert, I had no money and so I couldn’t go. I was crushed. One of my former coworkers went. But me? I was home pouting. But then I got some great news: they would be coming back in November. I knew for sure I’d make that one because well I’d have a paycheck! On my birthday, October 12th, I saw that I was paid and I bought my ticket. It didn’t;t matter if no one was coming with me or not! I was determined to see my boys.

I bought tickets in the nosebleed section (as you’ll see in the pics below) but I didn’t care. All that mattered was that I was finally going to see them in concert. As the day came closer, I began to get nervous. I was going to the concert ALONE. I knew that Karina (my roomie and biffle) was interested in going and so I had to deal with the fact that I was going to the concert alone. Who wouldI talk to? What if people thought I was sad or weird? What if I was judged for going to a concert alone? Panic slowly began to creep into my mind. However, I was going to the show alone no matter what so I had to push those feelings aside.

You know what though? I had a great time! A girl sitting next to me was also there alone so that took the edge off. Then I started to feel embarrassed that I was in the nosebleeds (y’all Delores was trying to ruin my night) but then I was like who cares? I’m seeing the Jonas Brothers! I sat up there and enjoyed my night. I sang off key to most of the songs (omg when I Believe, Hold On, and Lovebug came on, I lost it). I stood up for most of their portion of the concert. I danced like no one was watching. I felt at one with the rest of the concert goers. It was a great night! I was happy I went! I took some pretty blurry pics but I now have memories that I would never forget. When they did some of their old songs, it bought back memories of me being in my room singing those songs with so much soul and emotion. It was beautiful.

If there’s something you want to go to and you have no one to go with, go alone. It won’t kill you. You won’t die. In fact, you’re showing the world (and most importantly yourself) that nothing is going to get in the way of you living your best life. It’s pretty badass actually. I sure was living my best life. I decided to do something that made me happen and I urge you to do the same. We only have one life to live (YOLO lol)!



BeBe Rexha did her thing before the boys came out

I sat in the nosebleeds but it was so worth it!
Woohoo! It was super chilly out but man was I excited to see them inside. They had props where you can tae pics but I was super anxious (and so cold) to get indoors




Kevin is so great

DNCE drummer Jack Lawless doing his thing!

How beautiful is Joe Jonas?
Super blurry but omg I love him
What a way to make an entrance




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