New hair products I’m Digging!

Hey y’all!

I’m coming at you guys with another product review. As you may or may not know, I try products for free that I receive from Influenster (full transparency here). I try the products usually and then I give you guys (the consumers) my real no b.s. honest opinion. This vox box (that’s what they’re called) featured some hair care products that I was really excited to try. The box couldn’t have came at a better time! It came around the time that I was taking a personal day from work. I went to Universal’s Volcano Bay water park so I just knew my hair would be drenched and that I would have to wash it that night. That provided the perfect time to use the products.


My hair in it’s rare appearance after washing it. I usually have it straightened

Biolage 3 Butter Control System Overnight Hair Mask

This overnight mask promises to decrease the friction between your hair and your pillow. One thing that’s helped me with this is using a silk hair bonnet. You can find them at a beauty supply store or even Walmart. You can also try sleeping with silk pillow cases as well. It helps to control the volume of your hair and helps it to be less frizzy. This is a pretty clean formula. It’s free of artificial colors, sulfates and parabens. Since this is an overnight mask, it helps to keep it moisturized which helps with manageability as well!

Technically, this is an overnight mask. You’re supposed to use it with the corresponding shampoo and condition and then rub this in you hair, braid it or twist it, sleep in it and then wake up and wash it out. I was not about to do all of that (tbh). I simply used it with my shampoo and conditioner (I use The Mane Choice brand). After washing my hair and putting conditioner in it, I sat with this product on my hair for like 20 min and then washed it out. My hair felt pretty good so I think it did it’s job.

You can find this overnight mask here.

This smelled amazing. I used this when I washed my hair as a conditioner.

Redken Triple Pure 32 Neutral Fragrance Hairspray

Usually I tend to try to stay aware from hair gels and hairsprays because of the alcohol in it (it dries my hair). I was honestly nervous about using this but I needed something that would hold my in the ponytail. I hate when the baby hairs and my edges don’t stay put and fly aways. So I tried this for like a week.  I didn’t spray a lot on my hair, just enough to keep my hair down. It did it’s job I can say. My hair for the most part laid down (the back of my hair was another story). Would I recommend this? Sure but then again, I’m not the type to buy hair spray so its up to you. You can find it here and other stores like Target or Walmart.

This hairspray can be used with all hair types. It promises to to have maximum hold (which like for me it was doable). It also says that it protects your hair humidity (which is really important seeing as though I live in Florida) and frizz. It may work better for people with 4b hair type and under, but for my 4c? It was nice but I personally wouldn’t buy it for my hair.

This was surprisingly light on my hair. I usually stay away from hair sprays because they tend to dry my hair out but this actually didn’t harm my hair!

Mizani 25 Miracle Milk Leave-In Treatmeant

This is one product out of the three that I was really excited to try. When I started getting perms my senior year in high school, I would use all Mizani products. Even though I was getting a relaxer, my hair was actually pretty healthy and its all thanks to this product line (and my wonderful hair dresser/next door neighbor). When I saw that I can still use this product even though I don’t have permed hair, I was all in. I am going to say 100% that I recommend this product for you!

Let me tell you all about it. You can use it to prep your hair before washing, for protecting from heating tools like a dryer or flat iron, and you can moisturize with it after styling. I used it on my puff for like a week and it smelled so refreshing and so good. It made my hair so soft. It’s made for ALL hair types. You need this in your hair care regimen. You can find it at a beauty retailer like Sally’s or here.

I’ve used Mizani products when I first started to get perms. This is a quality brand
I received these products for free from Influenster

So there you have it. Those are my honest opinions. If you try any of them, let me know in the comments. I sure would love to hear what you think!




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