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National Black Cat Day

Hey y’all!

Today, October 27th, is National Black Cat Day! I’m super excited because I have a black cat and I love my baby boy Gryffindor. Black cats are amazing. I purposely sought after a black cat.

I remember I was a person who was afraid of cats. When I was a little girl, I went to my paternal grandma’s house and she had a cat. Well I went to pet the cat and I guess I bothered the cat too much and the cat bit me. After that, I was afraid and wasn’t too fond of them. It wasn’t until about four or five years ago, when I was at someone’s house, that I started to warm up to cats again. My cousin’s godmother was house sitting (she does it during the holidays yearly) and often invited my cousin and I over to spend some time with her. The couple that she house sits for has a black cat named Tweety.

For some odd reason, Tweety was drawn to me. Little did that cat know, I was afraid of her. Every time I’d come over, Tweety would come and rub up against me and purr. Or if I was on the couch she’d come and lay on me and start purring. I was so afraid and my cousin’s godmother, Denise, were perplexed as to why Tweety was so drawn to me. I slowly started warm up to her. It doesn’t hurt to add that my crush had a cat at the time, so I was trying to warm up to the idea of being around cats.

I eventually wanted to adopt a cat. I was watching all of these cat videos on YouTube and I started to follow Kitten Lady, Hannah Shaw on all the social media platforms. I visited the local cat cafe in Tallahassee, Tally Cat Cafe, on several occasions and I just knew the right cat would come to me. I was open to any cat because there are lots of cats who need loving homes and I didn’t want to limit myself, but it never felt like the right time to get one. However, when I saw that black cats weren’t adopted out as much as the others I was like “Oh hell no” and I made up my mind that I wanted a black cat.

I went into my adoption story on a previous blog post. If you feel like reading it, check it out here. But I want to give some black cats out there some love. Black cats are amazing and it makes me sad that they’re more likely to be euthanized and less likely to be adopted compared to other cats. This is mainly due to a superstition because they think black cats are evil. Like there’s even a commercial out right now for an insurance company that shows a witch with her black cats (every time I see it I want to send the company a very angry email). People think they’re evil or that they’re bad luck. Like when my grandma first saw that I had a cat she said “why would you get a black cat?”. They think these horrible things about them and it makes me so sad.

Here are five facts about black cats that I want you all to know:

  • In some cultures, they’re seen as good luck! In Egyptians back in the day used to worship the cat goddess Bastet. Overseas in Europe and in Japan, they’re seen as a sign of good luck.
  • Halloween is a dangerous time for black cats. I learned this from Denise. She said that she had to keep Tweety locked in the house people people tend to take black cats and do rituals with them where they’re sacrificed. People also consider them evil so they’ll do some harmful things to them.
  • They are more black cats than any other color cat out there in the world. I was surprised at this fact because black cats are euthanized more. Black cats have stronger genes, which means it’s the dominant color.
  • They’re gorgeous. I mean look at them. Their coats are so beautiful. Their eyes…omg. I just love them. In my biased opinion (if I’m being honest), they have such a classic and classy look to them. They look like mini panthers. I just love them
  • They’re super affectionate and playful. My Griffy is such a playful cat. He loves pouncing on his toy mice and playing fetch with his favorite balls (he’s obsessed with the ones with tinsel all over). He’s also super affectionate (when he wants to). I wake up often to him making biscuits (kneading) on me and purring and giving me kisses and rubbing against me. I just love it. Black cats are known as velcro cats sometimes because they are super attached to their owners.

As you can see, black cats are amazing. Again, I may be a bit biased, but I think they’re the greatest breed ever. Check out your local shelter. They need loving homes. If you’re looking for a cat, I’d suggest you chose a black cat. You won’t be disappointed.




I mean…look at this face. I love my Gryffindor

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