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Hey y’all!

So I just got these super cute earrings yesterday. I saw them a few weeks ago when Miami fashion blogger Kelly Saks of KellySaks.com and I was like omg. I need these! So anyway, I’ve followed Kelly since….well college. We went to high school together (go Cobras!) and so I’ve always admired her style like even in high school. Plus, she’s a Libra which is like the best sign ever (sorry I’m a bit biased). What I’m totally not biased on are products. I will give y’all the honest truth about how I feel about anything that I review. I’m not getting paid for this at all. I just saw something I thought was cute and decided to treat myself to a good birthday gift.

Anyway, she’s pretty major on the fashion scene in Miami, so I was stoked when she first shared her collaboration with Taudrey, which is a jewelry boutique in miami that makes hand crafted jewelry (cool tidbit! She went to school with the owner of Taudrey, Tiffany). She’s been featured in magazines such as The Knot, Cosmo for Latinas, Vogue, and so much more! She can be seen every Friday at 11:30 am on NBC 6’s In The Mix in Miami (or online for those gals who aren’t local). Her style can be described as classic yet eclectic, bringing that Miami flair wherever she goes.

I ordered the Love earrings through Taudrey’s website (they ship nationwide!) and about a week and a half later, the earrings were in my possession. There’s more to her jewelry collection with Taudrey on the site so I suggest you make a beeline over there (no seriously like go!).

So wanna know about the earrings? First of all, let’s talk about price (because that’s important, right?). These earrings are $42 (before taxes) which to me if its worth it, I see no issue paying for it (after all, I’m a babe on a budget). To others this is a steal! Its 18K gold filled and as I stated before, are hand crafted. Lots of love and care went into making these beauties and in every bit of the detail in the packaging as well. They’re 1.5 inches in diameter (something I didn’t really realize until I saw them in person). They are apart of her Taudrey x Kelly Saks Birthday Collection. They’re perfect for a brunch with your girlfriends or a date night with your boo.

So here’s my downside: The closure. On the site, it says that its a continuous closure (again something I didn’t notice until after I got them). They can easily come out of your ear (unless y’all know a trick to get them to stay in). I was a bit disappointed in that. Also, since its like super thin, if it falls out, it can be difficult to find (like I still can’t find the other earring) if you have carpet or anything like that. Again, this is just my opinion.

So is it worth the purchase? Yes! Definitely just make sure you’re super careful when wearing them.




I love this card. I’m all above female empowerment. I’m tacking this up on my bulletin board at work
I am a sucker for cute packaging. Again, all of this is hand made and hand sown.
They’re so cute. I’d recommend these for a girls brunch or a date night! I love classic pieces
This is my only downer: the lack of a back can make it easy for the earring to come out. I’m not kidding. The same day I got them in the mail, one was missing by the end of the night and I still cannot find it because it’s pretty thin and I have carpet on my flooring. So be aware!

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