Stylish & Chic Accessories Every Teacher Needs (BERTEAU & Co. Haul)

Hey y’all!

A couple of weeks ago, I received a package from a company called BEARTEAU & Co. Its a shop that a teacher, Jose Cortez, started with his husband, Shawn. They started the company in their home and up until recently they’ve move into an actual warehouse space (pretty exciting).

For over a year I’ve wanted to buy some teacher accessories from them. I wasn’t a teacher yet but their products were so cute and I was like omg I gotta have something from them! Well a couple of weeks ago I was finally able to! I got a large planner, a large tote bag, and a clipfolio (clip board and portfolio all in one) and I got all of that for under $60! Now granted, I did have a $10 gift card and they were having a huge and I do mean huge Back-to-School sale (up to 75% off)  but even if I didn’t have all those discounts, I’d still buy from them.

I first discovered BERTEAU & Co. from Get Your Teach On (GYTO). If you’ve never heard GYTO, it’s an educational company started by teachers, Hope & Wade King, and they focus on getting students engaged in what they’re learning. They have books (they’re publishing another very soon) and hold conferences several times a year (next year’s national conference will be here in Orlando and I’m freaking excited). When I saw the “Living My Best Life” clip folio I knew this brand would definitely make me go broke lol. The different designs they offer would surely fit various personalities out there. For example, I loved the rose gold detail they had on one of their planners and so I had to get that and the tote bag to match.


This large tote bags holds everything which is so necessary because I bring home my laptop from time to time and I have a lot of folders and papers. This bag hasn’t gave out on me yet!
I’m such a sucker for stickers! OMG
There’s a checklist page to help you stay on top of things and stay organized
There’s even a page for conferences! How cool is that?
I love this large layout for the month! It really helps me see how things will be spread out
This is really great for people with multiple classes or even different subjects or grades! This was really important to me as a middle school teacher
Oh! I thought this was so cute. They gave two thank you cards for free for you to give to fellow teachers and the cards came with 2 stickers each (so a total of four stickers)
Blue my favorite color
The folders inside the clip-folio
I love the pop of color
The bag matches my planner
Is this not my motto lol?

Check out their site. If it seems like something you’d be interested in, purchase something for yourself. Not a teacher but know some teachers? Buy gifts for them. They have everything from pencil holders to tumblers to planners, totes, the options are endless.



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