First Year Jitters

Hey y’all!

I have been teaching for almost two weeks now (tomorrow is friday so…it’ll be two weeks). It will also be payday tomorrow and I’m beyond ready for that. I spent way too much money on school supplies for my students that i didn’t bother buying anything that I needed to like live in general (vulnerability: I had to take out a payday loan just to have $150 that lasted me a week due to bills). Last week I totally forgot to make a one week done post.

On my first day ever, I felt so lost. It was as if I’ve never been to school at all for teaching. I felt so out of touch. Each thing that I had my students do in each of my three classes was different. I had no idea what I was doing. I couldn’t figure out how to work the projector and I had to call my mentor. In fact, my mentor teacher sat in my first class (talk about nerves) but then she left like 15 minutes later and I had to figure out things on my own. I was proud of myself though. I got through it and I told myself Nessa take it a day at a time! The next thing I knew, it was Tuesday and things were going a bit more smoothly. My third period class was a bit more chatty than they were the first day and man oh man was it hard dealing with that.

I mentioned that I was totally broke so I brought peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (that was my breakfast lunch and dinner) for a few days and when my roommate came home, I actually had real meals (I’m so grateful for her). Sometimes, some of the teachers would share their lunch with me (which was also very kind of them). I feel very blessed (so far) to be at the school I’m at. I have a great mentor teacher, a wonderful co-teacher, and are surrounded by veteran teachers who are rallying behind me to help me be the best teacher I can be. Also, I only teach three classes and I have a really long planning period (we’re on block scheduling at my school)  so I don’t have to juggle seven different classes.

Wednesday is our early release day. I was so happy because I didn’t have to have my students in my class for the full 90 minutes. That first Wednesday I was still nervous and doubting my skills as a teacher so it felt like a relief that they wouldn’t be in my class for the normal time period. Also, my third period class was really bothering me with their misbehavior. I reached out to others to see if they had any ideas for classroom management and of course they gave me so many tips!

The rest of the week flew by and the next thing I knew, I had completed my first week teaching! All the teachers came by my room after school and were like omg you finished your first week! Its only up from here! That meant so much to me. I love talking to other teachers and opening up to them. The really good ones want to see you succeed (there are some actually bad teachers out there so be mindful of that). I walked out that building with a smile on my face and felt so accomplished!

This week, has been better. I’m not going to sit here and pretend like I have it all together because I just don’t. I’m finding my groove in this teaching thing. On Wednesdays, we have our PLC meeting (which is basically for your department or team to plan and touch bases with each other). I always get great ideas from them and of course they give me their tips! Today, I had to have a meeting with my third period class and I let them have it (I was very upset with their behavior) and so far it’s working. I’ve also put up their work to help motivate them to turn in quality work and some are now taking it more serious. One thing I really need to work on is learning their names. I’m slowly learning all of their names and I feel so bad when I don’t remember all of their names.

Oh also, before school started, I rearranged my classroom. I found some free decor on Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) and from some teachers that I follow on instagram like @missfairchaildsmuggles or @thetownieteacher. They have some great resources that they share with other teachers free of charge! So if there’s a teacher out there like me with a lack of funds and who want to spruce up your classroom, Instagram and TPT  would be great places to start!

Any who, I am going to get ready for bed. I have to get up at 5:45am and I need to wind down and prepare for tomorrow. This week has been much better and I can’t wait to see what next week brings (I know so far that it’s a four day work week for me because I have to go to a workshop).

Any teachers out there with any tips for new and aspiring teachers? I would love to hear what you think!



I had one of my students color this for me
One of the many free posters I got from some teachers on Instagram
My Harry Potter Banners. I was going to put string but F it lol
Some works some of my students did
More posters I got from teachers on Instagram


Poster outside of my room
Its actually starting to look like an actual classroom. I’m proud of my progress
I have my last group stack up the chairs for the janitors when they clean the floor in the afternoon. That is why they’re not in front of the computers

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