Brave New World

Hey guys!

So I can finally announce that I have a teaching job! Its been quite a journey to get here and I leave Tallahassee in a couple weeks (yikes) and I’m excited but nervous. I’ve known about my job since March actually. I was tired of not teaching while I had my degree and certification for it.

I passed my English 6-12 test last year in June (shoutout to NavaEd. Great resource for those trying to pass the certification test in Florida). I took the test and passed the Essay on the first try. It took me three tries to pass the test. It wasn’t until I used the NavaEd book that I passed. I also joined the Facebook  group   for Navaed (unbeknownst to me) after I failed the Math K-6 test for the third time. I was feeling dejected and to make matters worse, I failed the test on my mom’s would’ve been birthday. I just cried and cried and said F it. I’m taking the English test. I will pass it and teach something that I actually want to teach because to be honest, I don’t want to teach elementary school. Its not for me and that’s okay. Why walk into a situation that you don’t feel passionate about anyway, right?

I passed the test 3 months later in June. I literally wanted to cry in my car. I spent so much money on those exams (each one at the time cost at least $200 each) and I finally passed. The first person I told was my crush (poke’boy). He was so supportive. He knew all the hell I went through trying to pass the test and he was just so sweet and caring and he was so happy for me. I honestly felt so great and glad he was so supportive of me. Tbh, my friend Janesha actually wrote me back first cause I snapped him and texted her and she was equally supportive and was happy for me because she as well knew how hard I had worked to pass these exams.

That summer, I struggled with whether or not I should return to grad school for the fall (I hated my major) and if I should look for a teaching job or not. I had one interview at a charter school that I worked at for an after school program. They had an opening for an 8th grade ELA teacher and I was like hells ya! I applied for it while I was at camp (see my previous post on Camp Abilities) and on the last day of camp they called me to set up for an interview. I went to the interview only to be told that I shouldn’t teach middle school because I’m too young. They wanted to have me teach elementary instead and I was not feeling it. Again I felt super disappointed. They decided to instead sign me up as a sub instead. I did it a few times but the school was really far from where I lived and…I just wasn’t feeling it. The school left a sour taste in my mouth after they denied me for a job because of my age. Btw, I think it’s crazy how that all occurred at this time last year. Crazy how everything comes full circle.

I looked and looked for openings in Leon county (Tallahassee’s county) and I got nothing. Tally is a small city compared to others so it’s understandable that it wouldn’t be many openings. I did my last semester at school and just continued to work my part time job. All the while, I’m following teacher grams, teachers on Facebook and YouTube and I got lots of incite. I had one mentor call from Brittany Sinitch (a FSU grad, ELA teacher, and found on all her accounts at FiveFootOneTeacher) and it was comforting. She basically was like if you want to teach English teach it, I have your back. I felt so much better. I continued to see if my local county had anything and nothing. I then decided to look elsewhere in Florida. I applied in districts in Central Florida and South Florida (except Miami. I can’t work in my hometown lol. Too expensive). I had two interviews and they wanted me to start right away (I couldn’t do that). So I continued on my search.

Now let me say this: I’ve always wanted to go to either Orlando or Osceola County. I put it on my vision board and everything. Osceola county called me for an interview for a position that starts in August for an 8th grade ELA teacher. Y’all! I was like omg yes! I didn’t even expect an interview. The principal called me and said he wanted to just talk about the position and at the end of the conversation he offered me the job. The day before I was at my friend’s Heidi’s house and we did some yoga and she pulled a tarot card (btw freaked me out. I’m not into things like that because of religious reasons) and it mentioned something about changes and making big decisions and the very next day I had my phone “interview”.

I accepted of course and who’s the first person I call? Poke’boy. He again was excited and happy and proud of me. That made my day more than the interview did tbh. I was in awe. Shocked. I couldn’t believe my dreams and goals were coming true. All that was missing was the man (hopefully soon *hint hint* Poke’boy). I’d be leaving Tally. The town that has been my home since freshman year! I’m more than ready to leave! So I told a few select people and everyone else (including you guys) are finding out now. So come the end of this month, me and Karina will be heading down to Orlando to start our new life.

Will there be challenges up ahead? Sure! Am I scared? Hells yes. But as my boss just told me its moving past that fear when great things happen. So I have no choice but to push past it. Besides, I can finally go to concerts, go to Disney when I want and Universal. I’ll be in a bigger and diverse city. And its only four hours away from Miami (I can drive home to check on my 80 something year old grandma when I want). Teaching isn’t easy and I pray that I make a positive impact on my students. Here’s to my new life!




Love my Teacher & Cat Mom T-Shirt that I got from The Classy Class
I love this mug so much.When I saw it I was like omg I gotta have it! This will be on my desk believe me! I found this on Etsy. Unfortunately I forgot who I bought it from but I’m sure if you just search Harry Potter Mugs it will pop up

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