8 Podcasts that I’m loving

Hey y’all!

I was outside with my cat and while he was running around I decided to listen to a podcast when it hit me: why don’t I do a post about my favorite podcasts? So here we are today! I love podcasts. They’re just so convenient. For example, with vlogs, you have to stop what you’re doing and watch it. With blogs you have to stop what you’re doing and read them. But with podcasts, you can drive, get your nails done, workout, clean…I think you get my point. Today I decided to let y’all know about my top 8 plus a bonus one so 9 (honestly the only ones I actually listen to lol). They are in no particular order because I love them all for different reasons. As you will see, they vary in topic but they’re super relevant to me and my lifestyle. Check them out. Maybe you can let me know what podcasts you enjoy! Also, all of there’s can be found on Apple, Stitcher and  Spotify so you can listen to them no matter what device you have!

Her Best F**king Life 

Where do I began with my love for this podcast? I guess its for the millennial girl mainly although I think some older listeners would enjoy it. This one is by Sarah Ordo (mentioned on my posts like a million times lol). She takes her no bulls**t approach to such topics as weightless, finances, sobriety, and just anything lifestyle related. From time to time she brings guests on her show and just on her recent podcast she had Lindsey Bush, a nutrition, health & mindset coach. In the opening of her show she describes it as “a podcast about living your best life everyday of your life”. One of my friends described it as a living my best life type of show (truly made me chuckle).

With Whit 

I have a confession. I’ve never seen The Hills nor The City. I wasn’t into reality shows back then that focused on what I deemed as spoiled rich kids. I knew Whitney Port‘s name and saw her face in magazines every now and then but I just wasn’t interested in what she had to offer. However all of that changed about a year or two ago. She started a vlog series on YouTube called I Love My Baby But… and it followed the struggles she dealt with through pregnancy and the first year of motherhood. I fell in love with the series. It was great to see her be real and document her true feelings and it made me like her as a person. She’s just started a podcast and even though its been only been five episodes, its great. She brings that same honesty and raw conversation that she had on her vlogs to her podcast.

Study Hall with Mr. D

This is a podcast for educators. This one is hosted by Joe Dombroski (Mr. D, you know the one who gave that fake spelling quiz that went viral? Yeah him). He’s a teacher and on his show he talks about all things education. He talks about that teacher/life balance and interviews other teachers to get their perspective on education and what works or doesn’t work for their classroom/lives. He’s so funny and so sassy and I just love him! He wants to make teaching a place where people want to be not where they have to be. He talks about, setting high expectations, resilience, dual language education, and much more. If you’re a teacher (or aspiring teacher) this is a great podcast to listen to!

Ed Mylett Show 

I actually found out about this guy on the Skinny Confidential’s podcast. He’s Ed Mylett and his story is truly remarkable. He’s hustled his way out of rock bottom and through all of the stones that life has thrown at him. He’s now a motivational speaker, a business owner and is a multi-millionaire. His shows are pretty powerful and the show is such a great kick in the butt when you’re feeling unmotivated or when you’re feeling sorry for yourself. If you want some no nonsense straight to the point motivation and “max out” on your life, this is your guy!

Swarthy Daisy

This one might be because I’m a little biased but this is a podcast by my very own blood auntie Ericka Swarthy Daisy. Swarthy Daisy is an educator, blogger, and all around techie. On her podcast, she talks about all things tech related wether its apps for college students to side hustles you can do on your phone or online. Every episode is actually pretty short so it won’t take up most of your time but there’s really great info on them. There aren’t a lot of episodes but trust me, all of the apps and techy things she talk about aren’t rocket science like anyone can utilize them. She also talked about her genealogy results on a couple of episodes and her results were quite interesting! If you’re into technology or just apps to make your life easier, she’s your gal!

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her

I found out about the blog The Skinny Confidential through Cara Alwill Leyba’s podcast. I love this show. It’s definitely for the millennial crowd (although older people can listen to this show too). The content is just awesome. Honestly, listening to this podcast has changed the way I view myself and my lifestyle blog right here. They offer so much content on their podcast. Topics include business, branding, products, wellness, lifestyle hacks, and so much more. The people that they bring on the show are celebrities, CEOs, dietitians, authors, bloggers, etc. It’s all about using the envelope and opening your world to different perspectives. Lauryn Evarts Bosstick has worked her way up from the bottom. She started out as a broke college student and is now a powerhouse. Along with her husband Michael, their podcast shows us listeners how to elevate ourselves and just make our lives better. They love for their shows to have value and boy do they!

Style Your Mind

This was the first podcast that I’ve actually gotten into. Its hosted by Cara Alwill Leyba (also mention a gazillion times on my blog). I honestly don’t know where to begin with this one. This woman is responsible for me getting into personal development books. I’ve bought every single book that she’s written. On her podcast, she talks about health & wellness, positive mindset, being a business owner, branding your business, and so much more. She’s a big advocate on mindfulness and redefining your life. She describes her show as a podcast for everyday “women who want to design their thoughts, empower themselves and build a beautiful life”. The topics tend to shift from time to time. For example, just six months ago, her topics dealt with healthy living and weight loss and now its dealing more so with her change to becoming vegan and supporting a cruelty-free lifestyle. In her words, “if you’re ready to style your mind and empower your thoughts” this is the show for you!

*Bonus: The Redefining Wealth Podcast

This is a great one! This is a podcast by Patrice C. Washington. She’s a financial planner, she’s a writer (I have two of her books and gave one to a friend) and just a financial boss. She went from owing millions in debt to being a money making maven. She has helped millions of people bounce back from financial ruins. Her method though is something else. She likes to work on the person as a whole to change their finances. In order to change our habits we have to look at how we even look at money and understand the things that we believe and have to taught needs to change in order for us to change our circumstances. If you’re ready to get your life and your finances all the way together, this is your show.


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