Adopt Don’t Shop

Today is actually National Pet Adoption Day. I wanted to share my adoption story, give you some facts about pet adoption, and tell you a little about my kitty baby. First of, adopting a pet is much better than buying one from a kennel or store. It saves lives! When you adopt a pet, you’re helping them from homelessness and from euthanasia. Black cats, for example, have the highest euthanize rates for cats (which makes me really sad). It could be superstition or maybe people want “fancier” breeds. Who knows? But black cats are less likely to be adopted. Another reason to adopt a pet is because its cheaper! My kitten was $100 while a cat could run you about $80. They also come de-wormed, spayed/neutered, and have had their shots. Usually their booster shots are also included in their price, which is fantastic in my opinion. They also come potty trained!

Adopting a pet benefits both you and your pet. Pets will boost your mood and is beneficial mentally and physically. You also will show your new pet love. Some are abandoned or abused. Just think of the warm, comfort and joy you’ll bring to them. They will really appreciate you for it (trust me). Some people don’t like to adopt cats because they feel that you have to work really hard for them to love you whereas a dog or puppy will just automatically love you. In my opinion, it’s better for me to work for their affection because I know its genuine (I’m not saying dogs won’t love you genuinely) but just think of it. When you work hard for something (anything) and you actually earn the reward, isn’t it more meaningful and satisfying? I know for me it is. The same goes for a cat. When you earn a cat’s affection, omg it’s so great.

I actually didn’t name him (his litter was called the Harry Potter litter).  Fun fact: I’m a Hufflepuff and my patronus is a Siberian cat (true story. I got sorted and got my patronus from Pottermore which is the official Harry Potter website). Its weird or fate how I came to adopt him because I’ve been wanting a cat for over a year and I’ve actually visited the Tally Cat Cafe twice before I found my kitty boy. The second time I went there, I thought to myself when the right kitten comes along, I’ll get him (true story). I talked about what kind of kitten I wanted (black cat or Scottish fold) and I stressed the fact that I wanted a boy! I want all boy pets lol and a friend of mine confirmed my want of a boy cat because he said that they’re much easier than female cats. I was sold!

One day, I was feeling quite down and my friend, Karina, forced me out of the house. We were at the library doing our homework and I went online to the Tally Cat Cafe’s website and saw Gryffindor. I felt like it was fate. I love Harry Potter (like duh). He was 15 weeks old, a black cat and he had just arrived at the cat cafe. I looked at his eyes in his picture and I just fell in love with him. I immediately put in an application for adoption for him and called the cat cafe and told them I wanted him! They of course encouraged me to come spend time with in the cat room (which is smart to see if you’ll get along with the kitten). I went in with Karina and walked out of that place with my kitty boy.

Now before I even decided on him, I had been watching kitty facts videos on YouTube from Hannah Shaw the Kitten Lady. I felt so prepared when I got Gryffindor. When Karina dropped us off at home, I became petrified. I had no idea what I was doing. I was excited to have him of course but I didn’t know what to expect my first night. I thought to myself okay Vanessa. This is your new normal. Thank goodness he was potty trained because I wasn’t sure if I was mentally prepared for it that night. When we were alone to ourselves, he purred in my lap and made biscuits (kneading me for all of those who are unfamiliar with cat lingo). He was nervous and so was I. I  played with him for a bit and went to bed. Or at least attempted to go to bed. He purred on me and I thought to myself  this is so cute. However at 3 am, things changed. He kept trying to give me kisses and wanted to play and I just wanted to sleep. I felt like I made a mistake in getting a cat. I felt like it will never workout (this was my anxiety talking. so glad I didn’t listen to that lie). I eventually put him in his carrier i brought him home in and the next day bought a cat bed (which he refuses to sleep in to this day) and more toys and trinkets.

Fast forward seven months and let me tell you, I don’t know where I’d be without him. I gush over every cute pic I take of him. His little kitty kisses he gives me. When I come home from work he rolls over on his back and shows me his belly (which is major for a cat! look it up), purrs, and meows at me. It’s one of the best feelings in the world. In the mornings (although annoying at times) he meows at my door whenever he hears me move in my bed. What he wants is for me to cradle him and cuddle (how’s that for an aww moment?). I love seeing his personality as time goes by. Like his name is Gryffindor and it shows. Here are a some traits of a Gryffindor: bravery, nerve, athletic, courage, chivalry, and daring. A huge chunk of those traits describe my kitten boy.

When I looked up facts about his breed (Bombay) everything made sense. Bombay cats love playing fetch. They’re intelligent. They love going outside and going for walks. They’re also very affectionate and talkative. All of this describes my Griffy. Apparently they’re great for families. What breaks my heart is that some people think all cats are evil or even black cats are evil when they’re not. They are sooo affectionate and are cuddle bugs However, they can be super clingy.

What’s your pet adoption story?

Here are a few facts about my kitty boy:

Look how cute he is!
Isn’t he just photogenic?
He loves playing fetch! You heard me. He loves these balls in particular and loves to play fetch. I didn’t have to teach him to do it. He showed me he loves playing fetch. Cool, right?

He loves the great outdoors! He loves being outside in nature. I try to let him out for at least 30 min a few days a week. Here he is at the pet park at my apt complex

The night I got him from the cat cafe


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