Let’s Talk About Skin

There’s a  new beauty trend out that’s really interesting. It’s a great way to clean your skin without leaving it dry and is quite gentle. What am I talking about? I’m talking about a cleansing balm. Specifically Elemis. For the past six months I have been using Elemis’ Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm. I received the product from a giveaway that Lauryn  Evarts Bosstick of The Skinny Confidential was having on her instagram page. I didn’t expect to win but I did!

So why use this particular cleansing balm? Other than it being totally awesome, its made with superfoods. Not only are you cleansing your skin, you’re feeding it good ingredients as well. It contains elderberry oil (which have high levels of fatty acids), starflower oil (helps to maintain the skin’s metabolism), and padina pavonica (which has anti-aging benefits). It also has marine actives to firm your skin. It has 9 amino acids like…this balm is the real deal. It feels so silky smooth and melts like butter when you apply it to the skin. The balm also is said to remove makeup like a boss but I personally would always used a cloth because I don’t want my washcloth to become too dirty. And the smell! Omg it smells like a spa treatment. It smells amazing.

First of all packaging (which I wish I took a pic of), it was beautiful. The box was so pretty and ugh I loved it. I’m really regretting not taking a pic because it was really pretty. Anyway, the product comes with a white washcloth for your face, which I thought was really interesting. In fact, I haven’t used that towel for any other cleanser ever since I received this product (I only used this product at night). The washcloth itself is very soft  and feels so good on the skin.

How to Use (max results):

My Overall Review: I love it! My skin feels clean and refreshed. My skin isn’t oily afterwards (I have oily/combination skin). Its pretty pricey though

Price: $64. Kinda pricy but def worth it. However, I’m on a budget and for right now I can’t personally afford that. Ponds have recently come out with their own cleansing balm  retailing at around $10. For a babe on a budget that price is amazing! I’ll try it later on and see if it’s in similar quality as the Elemis brand.

What are your beauty faves?

Can we talk about how pretty my setup is for me?
Love this product
The texture is like lip balm
It comes with this stick to get the product out as well
This white Elemis washcloth came with the cleansing balm (excuse the dirt on it. clearly I use it)

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