Frozen Yogurt Bark

Hey guys!

Frozen yogurt bark. Let those words set in for you I first saw the recipe for frozen yogurt bark on Pioneer Woman (I’m slightly obsessed with Ree Drummond btw) on Food Network. I thought to myself, my that looks mighty tasty. That was months ago. Fast forward to yesterday, I was on instagram and saw a Tone It Up‘s version of frozen bark. I thought to myself, why not? Their new summer series is staring on the 22nd of this month and I am going to try to make more recipes from their meal plan (btw their new meal plan for this series is $39!).

I figure if I have some staples available to me know, I should be good for the six week series coming up. Frozen yogurt bark is made from clean ingredients and is a great treat as a healthy snack or dessert. Anyway, on a whim I decided to whip up a frozen yogurt bark myself and it was beyond easy.

Like I don’t even know how this is a real recipe but totally is. All you need is (You can def substitute any ingredient):

A medium-sized bowl

Some honey

1/2 small bag of frozen berries

About 1 tbsp of cinnamon

3/4 of a container of So Delicious vanilla flavored coconut milk

I used frozen berries instead of fresh for this recipe
This is the honey I squeezed in

Mix all ingredients except for berries in a medium-sized bowl.

pour the entire content of the bowl on to a cookie sheet line with aluminum foil
Arrange your fruit on the yogurt mixture and pop it in the freezer for 4 hrs!


Throw in freezer bag and you’re done!

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