Sisters Supporting Sisters

Happy International Women’s Day! It is Friday March 8th and  it really wasn’t until like three or four years ago when I realized that this day was a thing! I believe I first learned about it from Cara Alwill Leyba of The Champagne Diet. She inspires me so much that I wanted to dedicate this post to the women who inspire me in my day to day life everyday. I didn’t really believe in being a girl boss. In fact I hated the term feminist. I didn’t understand what it meant. In fact, women like Beyonce or Oprah irked my nerves. I remember I used to say who does she think she is? My how things have changed!

Below you will find mini blurbs of the women I know and love and respect. Of course I love my family and let me give them a small shoutout here for a sec. My aunt pushes me and she wants to see me succeed financially and spiritually. My grandma raised me and I’ve learned of her hard work and perseverance through life and that she’s really self sacrificing. Is she a perfect woman? No but I do love and appreciate her.

The little blurb below is about a few of the friends in my life (I can’t include every single person, sorry). These young women help push me to be my best. When I have a rough day or am feeling down, I know I can turn to any one of them to lift me up. I do plan on interviewing the majority of these women for different blog posts or have them on as guest bloggers (so look out for those in the near future). I am surrounded (both near and far) by some pretty bada** women.

Janeshia Henry- This one right here…we met during our undergrad years at the Florida State University (FSU) at our job at the time, Chick Fil-A (CFA). I was so scared to talk to her I must admit. My experience with other black girls left me scared but I felt safe with her. Over the years, I’ve learned of her passion for black people, women, and children. Her passion for the breakdown of fatphobia. She’s a powerhouse in herself and (by the way) her makeup is always on point. I mean she bad (in a good way). She’s my soul sister. I believe in my heart God will take her very far in life! She’ll have a guest post on here soon so be on the lookout for that. She’s taught me to explore with makeup and to do things that make me feel pretty. She taught me that no matter the adversity to continue to keep pushing forward.

Nkem Isi-Warner- This is my best friend. She knows my darkest thoughts and my happiest moments. She has been my day 1 since middle school (we actually met in elementary school but were off to a rocky start then).Literally through the good and the bad she has been here for me. She’s the only one of my childhood friends that has stood the test of time (I was actually in her wedding last year!). We may not speak everyday but I know if I need her, she’s there. Her resilience and her hard work and dedication to whatever she does inspires me. Her passion for sustainable living really shows in all that she does. She’s a blogger (you can check out her blog For Tha Masses here) and does calligraphy work (it’s really good y’all). I just love her and I know that she will always be my girl til the end (I love you girl!).

Karina Chapman- My fellow Miami girl up here. I love her so much. She’s literally welcomed me with open arms and I honestly thank God for her. She came into my life at a great time and I have felt truly blessed to have met her. She’s so intelligent and pushes me to study even when I don’t want to. From random girl dates out or holiday meals, she been there. She’s taught me to explore my wild side and to just let go and have fun. She’s taught me that there’s nothing wrong with asking what you want to be unapologetic about it. Her ability to take chances and come out of her shell inspires me to do the same. Watch out world! She’s gonna take over the medical field one day!

Lauren Counts – I haven’t know her very long but man oh man. She’s a talented director and film producer. She’s has shown me that no matter the trauma I’ve been through, I can still move forward with life. Her ability to be vulnerable lets me know that it’s okay to show your softer side (just don’t let anyone take advantage of you). Her struggles with depression and anxiety and her ability to share her struggles with the world leaves me at awe. She’s not perfect and she recognizes that but that doesn’t stop her from accomplishing her dreams. She even told me to just write her or call her when I have a dark moment and that she’ll be there for me. That honestly moved me and I love her. She’s also pretty quirky and thats my type of person lol.

All in all they’re my people. I can be vulnerable with all of them. I love sharing my highs and my lows with them. They inspire me. For me, it’s about sisters supporting sisters. To all the girl bosses out there, I salute you. Its our day! Do something to show the women in your life that you appreciate them today and everyday! I love you ladies!!!




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