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I’m super excited to bring you my very first blog interview. Who is it with you might ask? Well, its the lovely Ms. Sarah Ordo. If you thin that name sounds familiar, well it should. I mentioned her in my last blog post. She has a brand new book coming out next month and I couldn’t wait to have her on the blog to talk about it. There are lots of little gems of knowledge that she drops throughout the interview. She’s a girl boss and all around cool chick. You will love her. And she’s newly engaged to the love of her life. In this post we dive in to some serious topics as well as beauty tips, self-care tips, business tips, like it’s all mentioned below (you may want to take notes on some of the things she mentions). She’s one of my favorite people online and hopefully you’ll love her too! I’ve actually have worked with her in that past and she is the real deal. Get ready for some truth bombs!
LolaDasher:Can you tell my audience little about yourself and what it is that you do?
Sarah Ordo: Hello everyone! My name is Sarah Ordo and I am a Detroit-based sober millennial lady! I am a makeup artist, self-published author, business owner, YouTuber, host of Her Best F**king Life podcast, Mindset Coach, sobriety advocate, and just about all the other things. I am your classic overachiever, but it’s helped me achieve lots of big things in my life so far!
LD: Can you tell us a little about your upbringing?
SO: I had a great childhood. We were always very well taken care of by my parents, but we were never rich or spoiled. I became obsessed with being “perfect” from a very young age. I always wanted to look perfect, act perfect, and have everything in my life seem perfect. I have always been a very driven and determined lady, so it’s no surprise to me now that I am doing all the things I am doing!
LD: How do you structure your days?
SO: I don’t like to use an alarm or stay in one place all the time, so I have created a lifestyle and business that allows me a lot of freedom and flexibility. I am a huge morning person, so I get most of my work accomplished in the morning! Emails, social media engaging, any podcast interviews, YouTube filming, working out, etc. I find that a strong morning routine really keeps me focused and on track. Every morning i make my coffee, read the Bible, journal, have my favorite music, light a candle, etc. I find that setting the mood and intention early helps me keep it for the rest of the day.
LD: You run a beauty business. How did you get started with that? Was it a side hustle at first? What advice would you give someone who wants to start their own business. 
SO: I have had my cosmetology license since 2008! I started out doing just hair, but quickly discovered that makeup was what I really enjoyed the most! I was doing it as a side business first, and created 24Luxe Hair & Makeup in 2013. We travel and do on location hair and makeup, primarily for weddings. It is such a fun industry to work in! I would advise anyone out there looking to start a business to put in the work and make sure its from the heart! Hard work and being passionate about something from the heart will help you do everything you need to do to be successful!
LD: How can someone who is a blogger or is looking into blogging or vlogging get sponsors? Or affiliated links?
SO: Honestly, most of my affiliate partnerships and sponsors have come from my YouTube channel. Now i do get sponsors for my podcast episodes as well, but it was only YOUTube for a long time for me! But I think a lot of people don’t know that some sites like Amazon anyone can sign up for an affiliate account! Do definitely look into it with your favorite brands/websites!
LD: You’ve struggled with alcohol in the past. First of all, thank you for being so vulnerable and raw for sharing that. What made you say “I’m going to share my journey with the world?
SO: When I first got sober, I struggled a lot. I didn’t necessarily struggle with not drinking itself, but I struggled as a person mentally and emotionally in sobriety much more than I was ever prepared for. It made me realize that other women were going through this too. Everything I found online about sobriety back then was older people, people not like me, and people with stories that didn’t sound like mine. There is such a unique situation in society today regarding women and alcohol that I knew my story needed to be shared. I wanted women going through something similar to be able to find the story and support that I was so desperately searching for in the beginning.
LD: What has been your keys to success for your sobriety?
SO: I had to make the choice. I had to decide this was what I was doing and not give myself the option to fail. This meant doing whatever I had to do in my life to support my new sober lifestyle. This meant changing my surroundings, my relationships, my outlook on life, and everything else you could possibly think of. I found support from church and therapy. You’ve got to make sure you are surrounding yourself with the tolls to be successful in sobriety if it is a lifestyle that you really want to stick with and thrive in.
LD: You’re very active in the Slaying Sobriety group and the Her Best F**king Life group on Facebook. How do you maintain them without losing your mind?
SO: HaHa! I make sure that I engage in the groups and stay active, but I remind myself that I need to have a life too. In the past I have had a bad habit of working constantly and getting totally fried. I make sure I do what I need to do, but also make sure that I don’t let them define my life and consume 100% of my time
LD: I love your Her Best F**king Life workbook. How important is it to write things down and journal?
SO: Thank you! I am pretty obsessed with her and how cute she is. I have really able to grow as a person and learn things about myself through journaling. It’s almost like solo therapy in a way. It feels good to let things out rather than holding them all in!
LD: You’re helping to bring a lot of women together. How refreshing is it to see so many sisters supporting sisters?
SO: It’s the best part of everything I do! I love seeing people come together and support each other, no matter what their own story is. It keeps me driven and shows me that what I’m doing can actually help other people and change their lives. I’d be selfish to not do everything I could to make sure that I continued that.
LD: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
SO: Jump! Jump into life. Jump into taking chances. Don’t hesitate or think twice, just Jump.
LD: How do you un-wind or practice self-care?
SO: I make sure that I give myself an “off” time since I don’t have a job where my shift ends or I punch out for the day. I love reading, bubble baths, cooking, and running outside by water. I also love winding down in bed watching TV shows or YouTube videos with my chihuahua, Kaya! We love reality TV with our candles lit, salt lamp glowing, and cozy blankets.
LD: Manifestation: what is your take on it?
SO: I’m getting more comfortable with it! It used to be very woo woo and weird to me. But I try to think of it more as picturing and visualizing what I want, and then taking action to help me get there as well.
LD: Why did you decide to self-publish instead of going with a publisher?
SO: I’ve always been a go-getter and have always loved doing things myself. I’m also a bit of a control freak, lol. I like to know everything that’s going on with my stuff. I did consider it at one point, but after hearing Cara Alwill Leyba talk about how her books were rejected by 19 publishers when she first started, I thought why not just do it for myself? Why do I need someone else’s permission to publish my own story?
LD: What is your writing routine like?
SO: In the beginning I just started writing. I like to write early in the morning before I’ve really gotten into the day and let everything into my mind. I just pour out everything from my head while I drink my coffee. After I have a decent chunk written, then I start to organize. I lay out chapters and what I’ve covered so far in each, and then make notes of what else I want to include in those chapters. Then I do all of the formatting myself and just about lose my mind through that process! HaHa.
LD: Who are your influences? Who do you admire?
SO: I admire so many fearless female authors! I love women who are brave and fearless in airing their story including Cara Alwill Leyba, Gabrielle Bernstein, Jen Sincero, Mel Robbins, Rachel Hollis, Brene Browne, and So many more. I am always influenced by women who big things and aren’t afraid to do them their own way.
LD: You like to take solo trips. What made you want to do it? What traveling advice would you give to someone who is traveling alone somewhere for the first time?
SO: When I was newly sober and single I wanted to travel and go on more trips. I had never gone on a trip alone so the thought didn’t even cross my mind at first. I was telling my therapist about how I wanted to travel but had nobody to go with and she was like “So go”. I booked my first trip to Savannah, Georgia not long after and continued to travel ever since! Traveling can be so inspiring and liberating, whether alone or with people you enjoy!
LD: What can you tell the girl out there who is struggling with self-love and confidence?
SO: You’ve got to fall in love with yourself first. Loving yourself and being confident in who you are will help you be the best version of yourself in all areas of your life.
LD: What advice do you have for our single ladies out there?
SO: Don’t ever settle! Hold out for the one that gives you everything that you deserve. Also, LIVE you life! There is nothing that you cannot do by yourself.
LD: You have a brand new book coming out, Thirty as F**k. What can you tell the readers about it? What is it about? How did you come up with the idea to write it?
SO: I really wanted to make this book fun! Most of my previous books have been very serious and about heavy topics like my sobriety. When I started my podcast, I loved that I could make people laugh, make them cry, and make them connect with and enjoy so much different things about where I’m at in my life. I wanted to bring that light, satirical, but still empowering vibe to this book. I talk about the 30 biggest things I learned during my quarter-life crisis. We cover everything from cellulite on your ass to learning how to be alone to realizing that we have the power to make our lives into the best one it can possibly be. I made sure to include lots of hilarious life experiences of my own that every woman can read  and be screaming “OMG Yes!” because they have been there too! I think women of all ages will be able to relate to the things I share in this book. Lots of life experiences, lots of truth bombs, lots of LOL moments.
LD: You also did your first cover shoot for the book. Why did you decide to put yourself on the cover? Were you nervous?
SO: I had thought about it for a while, and decided what better time than now?! This was the first time I truly felt confident in a book so much that I wanted my face on it. It was such a fun experience and really made me feel like all of the other authors whose books i’ve bought where they were on the cover. I’m so glad I pushed past my comfort zone and did it!
LD: What is your key message that you want to impart on your readers or clients?
SO: That if we want to live our best life, no matter what that may be, we have ALL the power to make it happen. No matter what obstacles, disappointments, or burdens may try to stand in our way.
LD: What products are you loving right now? What are your top 5 products every millennial girl should have in her arsenal?
SO: I am diving into all things hydrating and anti-aging! I just fell in love with the Shea Moisture in-shower body moisturizer for at least six months and absolutely love it. Always love a good peel and mask combo too!
LD: What is your favorite quote?
SO: Everything amazing happens on the other side of fear.
LD: What are you working on next? I know you’ve mentioned on Instagram that you have another book idea in your head.
SO: I’ve actually got two book ideas in my head right now! They are very different. One is literally unlike anything I’ve ever written, which kind of excites me! But I’m going to wait and see which one really feels good and start t flow once I’m ready to write the next book!
LD: Where can my readers find you?
Instagram: @24Luxe _Sarah
YouTube: Sarah Ordo
Her Best F**king Life Podcast on iTunes & Stitcher
all my books are available on Amazon & Kindle!

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