A Broke Girl’s Guide to Nightly (Or Day) Routine

Hi there! Been a while so I wanted to post something really quickly that has been on my mind. I’m starting to care a lot about my skin. I mean growing up (starting in middle school actually) I’ve always had a skin care routine that I tried to stick to. Through the years though, I’ve become almost obsessed with my skin and I want my skin to look the best that it can. Now I know what everyone says, “Beauty starts within” and I should drink more water (which I’m trying to okay?) and eat better. But still, what you put on your skin matters as well.

First things first: I’m a broke college student. I can’t afford the super high end products that others can. If you’re able to do that, fantastic! But if you’re more on a budget, then my guide might help you. Of course, its all about trial and error and you have to figure out what works best for your skin. Me? I have combination skin (my T zone is oily af) so most of the products work well with my skin. These products can be found at Walmart, Target, Grocery stores and drugstores (pretty freakin’ accessible, right?) and they won’t break the bank either. Everything will be listed in the order I use them in and I also stated where I got them so that you can know to where you can get it as well. Ready? Let’s jump right on in.

Day Routine

  1. 365 Micellar Water – I get a cotton ball (can get those anywhere for about $1). I wet it and simply put it on my face and my neck. No rinse needed and such a time saver when I get up in the morning. I got this product from Whole Foods and it was under $4
  2. Thayer’s Rose Petal Facial Mist – OMG! i love love love this product. I use it both in the morning and at night. I love it. I love that its a toner and refreshes my skin. It’s not drying at all and it doesn’t burn. It leaves me with a fresh glow all day. I just love it. Its great to go in your purse whenever you want to give your skin a nice refresher after being out in the hot and humid sun. I got this at Whole Foods as well!

Night Routine

  1. 365 Everyday Value Daily Facial Cleanser (for oily to combination skin) – This is pretty gentle on my skin. I put a drop or two (or even three…let’s be real) on my wet cleansing brush head (360 beauty from CVS) and start it up on my skin. I also make sure to wet my skin before use too (although I mainly do this after my shower so my pores should be open. I still never skip this step).  You can decide for how long and in what direction to use the brush. I usually use for like 3 minutes. once I’m done, I take my towel that I used to wet my face with and wipe off the residue from the product. I got this from Whole Foods as well!
  2. Pacifica Pineapple Cleanse Oil Slaying Face Wash- I use this product when I’m not using my 365 cleanser. With this product a little goes a long way so you want to be very careful when using it. I use this with my cleansing brush and it leaves my skin feeling amazing (and the smell isn’t bad either!). I found this gem at Target.
  3. Bliss That’s Incredi-peel Peel Pads – I found out about using peel pads from The Skinny Confidential’s Lauryn Everts Bostick. She uses the Dr. Dennis Gross’ product but I wanted something that was more in my budget. Well, one day I went into Target and saw this product ($20 vs. $80) and bought it immediately.  I use this product at night because since it’s a peel, it peels off a layer of skin and you don’t want to go in the sun after using this. It does sting a little but it’s not uncomfortable at all. I use it on my face and my neck and I only use this product 4 times a week. Also, a hack I learned from Lauryn is that if you cut the peel pads in half, then it doubles the amount of product you have! win win!
  4. Thayer’s Rose Petal Facial Mist – This feels awesome after I use the peel pads. Trust me. Plus, it makes my skin nice and glowy!
  5. Nip + Fab No Needle Fix Serum – I’ll be honest. I’m not entirely sure what this product does but I had to make sure I use a serum at night and add one into my skin routine. It says it helps with fine lines and wrinkles (I don’t have neither so I guess its working). I love to rub in on my face and my neck and I try to rub it in until it is absorbed in my skin! I got this from CVS.
  6. CeraVe Eye Repair Cream – I have dark circles under my eyes and I love the formula of this product. Its not heavy at all and it absorbs in my skin pretty neatly. I like to go around my entire eye (eye lids and under my lash line) and I’m starting to see some sight changes in the color!
  7. Alaffia Everyday Coconut Night Cream – I use this as a last step to my routine. It doesn’t leave my face feeling greasy and it smells so good. Its also has all natural ingredients. I found this at Whole Foods.

As you can see, it’s not much really. My skin looks great and Its pretty affordable (which is major). What products do you use? I’d love to hear it. Do you have any tips for a beauty routine for girls on a budget?







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